Acteon Satelec HT Implant Motor, Dental Implant Motor
The Power of Simplicity :-
  • HT-IMPLANT is powerful and extreamly intuitive motor.
Simple and reliable :-
Extremely light with low vibration powerful brushless micro-motor.
  • Motor speed range (without contra angle): 400 36000 rpm.
  • Motor speed range (with a 20:1 contra angle): 20 to 1800rpm.
  • Motor torque with a 20:1 contra angle up to 72Ncm.
For sterile work, this micro-motor and cord should be inserted in sterile protection.
Calibration system :-
  • Fits all contra angles E-type - ISO 3964 connection.
  • 7 contra angles ratios available (1:1, 16:1, 20:1, 24:1, 32:1, 64:1, 80:1).
  • 5 programs automatically saved.
Reliable Pump :-
  • Easy irrigation line installation.
  • Rigorously constant flow controlled by a microprocessor.
  • "No-Drops" system, eliminates additional irrigation leakage when flow is stopped.
Other Details :-
Packing :- NEW: Sealed, Never used Satelec HT Implant Motar and Accessories.
Manufactured :- Made in USA
Intersted Buyers : Please contact our sales representative Eva Banks via e-mail for details and payment.
Note : For those from U.S.A or another country where 110 V Pack is needed. Sorry but we only have 220 V Pack, alternatively you can easily buy separately any 220 to 110 V Converter.
FOR any enquiry regarding product(s) / item(s) or delivery procedure please feel free to contact

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Satelec HT Implant Motor, Acteon, Dental Bone Surgery Equipment, Dental Implant Motor

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